I Futurnauti

un viaggio nel tempo per salvare il Pianeta
The Futurnauts are on their way. They are coming from the future to tell us what will happen to our planet and its living beings in the next decades. The human species has not been capable of correcting their own mistakes, so nature’s ecosystems are collapsing – global warming, sea level rise, natural disasters. We have continued to develop advanced technology, but have not yet found a balance between technology and nature. In 2050, humans are thus on the verge of extinction.

In an attempt to find a solution, scientists from the future have invented a time machine to send the Futurnauts to our present time. This way, they can talk to previous generations, prompting them to make different choices. By focusing on the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow, the two Futurnauts will take children on a journey through past and future, with the aim to come up with a plan to save the Earth from catastrophe.

The Futurnauts is a reflection on nature and time, as well as on the choices we make and the responsibility every one of us has towards the only planet we have. A story – or rather History – unfolds in front of children’s eyes, yet they are given the opportunity to discover alternative futures, meet historical or sci-fi characters, and live out a “personalised” story. Our hope is that once the show is over and children are jolted out of “fiction”, the notion that they can write their own history – their own future – will take root in them.


for children aged 7 or above


a production of Teatro delle Briciole/Sotterraneo

directed by Sara Bonaventura, Claudio Cirri, Daniele Villa | Sotterraneo

written by Daniele Villa

with Iacopo Paradisi, Elisa Pol, Massimo Scola

lighting design Emanuele Curà

stage design Andrea Bovaia, Emiliano Curà

sound design Simone Arganini

in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Metastasio di Prato and AttoDue di Sesto Fiorentino




Teatro al Parco – Parma
Teatro Laura Betti – Casalecchio di Reno


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