Base X


Base X

Site-specific per Terni Festival

On the occasion of its 10 years, Terni Festival aimed to map the journey and the path shared over the years by a number of artists, and invited Delogu-Sirna-Gautier, Menoventi, Opera and Teatro Sotterraneo companies to inhabit an abandoned space, a small guesthouse being renovated by the Municipality of Terni.
By rediscovering known places and reflecting on the topics of living, house, vital functions, care and indoor-outdoor relation, these companies were sett off on a shared path of research and creation, and gave life to a space/workshop open to the public. A space of vision and experience, encounters, interactive moments to carve out a different time space in the daily flow of life.

Base X is a place where things are suspended and in which codes and ordinary rhythms are abolished, a base to open and live together during the festival at set times like a miracle happening on order.

This was the welcome note in Teatro Sotterraneo’s room:
Dear guest, in our room you will find a research lab on the theme of “impossible houses” – houses placed outside the boundaries of reality, conceived, narrated and represented in the course of human history, from ancient myths to contemporary virtual dimensions. If we are here, we may engage you for a briefing. If we are not here, please help us in our research us by leaving a note or expanding our investigative map. Try and make connections that elude us, interact with the space as a point & click adventure game. You will find additional instructions inside. Enjoy!


Site-specific for Terni Festival
Curated by Delogu-Sirna-Gautier, Menoventi, Opera e Sotterraneo