Postcards from the future


Postcards from the future

Un tentativo di immaginazione del possibile

History conventionally begins with writing. For millennia we have selected and transcribed the most important things. The Hyperhystory, instead, has just just begun. We no longer select, we simply transcribe and document everything – selfies as historiographical contents.Postcards from the future is an attempt to imagine what could be, it is a minimal set in which viewers become fully-blown players. They are instructed by tutors to create three live photos on futuristic scenarios. In this cross between performance and gamification, Sotterraneo explores the themes linked with – cultural, genetic, and biotechnological – mutation that all we are going through, creating hypothetical narratives of what we will do as a species in the coming decades, centuries, millennia. The best way to predict the future it is to invent it.


concept and direction Sotterraneo
on stage Sara Bonaventura, Claudio Cirri, Daniele Pennati, Andrea Pizzalis
dramaturgy Daniele Villa

light design Marco Santambrogio
costumes Elisa Sedoni
props Francesco Silei
graphics Isabella Ahmadzadeh

production Sotterraneo
with the support of Centrale Fies
and the support of Mibact, Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze, Funder 35

production manager Francesco Silei
administrative assistant Rosacelia Ganzerli
promotion Giulia Messia
advertising Isabella Ahmadzadeh


«In this performance, the stage becomes a film set to investigate how we observe. Postcards from the future not only is a prediction on the future of the human race and its living conditions, but also a – once again fresh and ironic – interpretation of the audience’s role. The latter can either be that of voyeur’s or a player’s, and is assigned on the basis of pure chance (a black or white bracelet). Some are observing others doing stuff, and in turn they are being observed by the camera’s mechanical eye. Eventually, the observers and the observed get mixed up – all however part of a mankind who no longer has a language to communicate. In such exchange of mirrored glances, interactivity turns into anti-theatrical tautology».

Simone Azzoni,

«In this interactive performance called Postcards from the future, the audience is divided up into players and observers, creating tableaux vivants. These are framed in a picture as if it were a postcard sent from the years 2066, 2616, and 3066. The user’s body becomes the main character, while the performer’s is seen as a human machine at the mercy of fate – a fate so gruesomely passive and inert».


Sergio Lo Gatto,

Video Content

Postcards from the future at World Breakers - Drodesera 16


ph. ©Alessandro Sala



Festival Drodesera – Dro

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