Progetto speciale per Drodesera Festival

Since 2005 Teatro Sotterraneo has worked with Centrale Fies, in 2015 Teatro Sotterraneo is 10 years old – a wide-reaching memory legacy including landscapes of births and collapses, meetings and separations, research on languages and silences.

On these transformations and the sense of a shared journey Sold-out is centred – a performance in the form of an auction in which Teatro Sotterraneo sells pieces of shows out of their repertoire, such as objects, costumes, and intangible elements like gestures and actions.

These are remnants of stage that carry with them the trace of past festivals, works, years and what happened in the world in these 3650 days.

We think of Sold-out as a cynical-nostalgic ritual to share with Fies spaces and their audience, year by year, piece by piece – the auctioneer offers lots, tenders flow in, something remains unsold, and everything disappears to make space for something new.


concept  Sotterraneo 
on stage Sara Bonaventura, Stefano Cenci, Claudio Cirri
dramaturgy  Daniele Villa
lights  Marco Santambrogio 
consultation  Virginia Sommadossi, Mali Weil

production Sotterraneo
with the support of Centrale Fies