One – The convicted man’s body


Uno - il corpo del condannato

Diameter – 3.5 meters. Height – 2 meters. PVC walls.

A suit – a body – locked in between the eyes of his executioner.

Complete amnesia and reconstruction.

In the vacuum of an awareness trickling back through daily actions, there are things – the physical memory serving the mental memory, automatism as something to latch onto.

One actor stages three single dialogues in which news and body are separate.

Something depersonalized attempting to tell a story.


collective creation Sotterraneo
on stage 1 Sotterraneo performer
dramaturgy Daniele Villa


«Teatro Sotterraneo company seem to be constantly improving from their first show, 5 for 1, to 11/10th in apnoea through to 100° C Andersen’a Things and Tilt in Intercity Toronto. The Florentine group – all born in 1981 and 1982 and better defined as a “collective” – is made up of young actors trained in schools such as the Laboratorio Nove, and has justifiably become one of the most lively and creative groups on Italy’s contemporary drama scene. Difficult and complex, but also evocative and unsettling. They keep you glued to your red velvet chair. Smart and sharp, witty. Always coming up with surprising quips, showing inner weath and an urge to get things out their chest. Now that their skills have come full circle they can no longer hide. Half an hour of energy and emotions. In a round tent the microcosm of the prisoner is stirring. Inside there is everything and everything is missing. An opaque shower curtain, (from Hitchcook ‘s Psycho?) showing the outside but distorting it, changing its contours – almost an igloo or a Canadian, Tibetan or Indian tent. Smoky, muffled circle. Under it life unfolds as if it were put under observation, a ritual liturgy under the microscope slide. In a cage at the zoo. Then there is One, which was shown at Zoom Festival in 2006. Only Iacopo Braca is present on stage, and gave a great performance – this time not “crushed” by his histrionic colleagues Claudio Cirri and Matteo Ceccarelli. In that show all the poetry the dynamics of Sotterraneo came out – a real, stylistically dry theater, “dirt” of shiny emotions coming as sharp blades in short circuits, sweaty and dense, panting and hard, scratchy and muscular, physical up to the essence of physicality that does not consist in the act but in its sublimation, in immobility. The sentence is issued in equal measure on the body and the mind. Braca speaks with his hanged “friends”: a toast, cigarettes, a felt-tip pen, a stuffed puppy, the sweetness that is switched out, or moved to the side, banned outside. Because violence reigns inside. Constant violence. All hooked in the big goldfish tank at the Fun Fairs. The sponge, just like a tough policeman’s sunglasses, ends up in the mouth and the convicted man would like to speak, but no one understands him. He would like to scream but can’t, stands with his hood over his eyes like the hunchback of Notre Dame because there is nothing left to see. Everything is fake, or rather distorted, unreal, virtual movements resembling Frankenstein’s, jut like a dead man walking. The circus tent surrounds it and protects it like a jellyfish with long tentacles. The dead man breathing fires with a watering can all the way back through the beginning of the show in a fast motion – all his life. Repeating, repeating, repeating itself. To remember where to live. Or just to survive».

Tommaso Chimenti, 




LaCittàdelTeatro – Cascina (primo studio)


PiM Spazio Scenico – Milano (secondo studio)
Teatro della Limonaia – Sesto Fiorentino (secondo studio)
Short Theatre – Roma (prima assoluta)
Malafestival – Torino
ZOOM festival/Teatro Studio – Scandicci
CinemaTeatroLux – Pisa


SpazioLeLune – Modena
Spazio OFF – Trani

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